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VERSATILE FUNCTIONALITY - This versatile brass nozzle delivers a powerful water stream for washing, watering, and cleaning. The nozzle is made of durable brass material that ensures long-lasting performance.

ERGONOMIC DESIGN - Comfortable grip, adjustable nozzle, and mechanism for easy control and fine performance. It features an adjustable nozzle that lets you change the spray pattern from a fine mist.

WIDE COMPATIBILITY - Fits most standard garden hoses with a standard connector and accommodates various water pressure levels. The nozzle can be easily attached to the hose using a standard connector and is compatible with a wide range of water pressure levels.

DURABLE MATERIAL - Resistant to corrosion and rust with a rubber coating for protection against drops and impacts. It is also a durable and reliable brass nozzle that can withstand frequent use and exposure to the elements.

EASY TO MAINTAIN - Easy to clean and maintain with regular rinsing and wiping, and disassembly for deep cleaning and part replacement. The nozzle can also be removed for deep cleaning and maintenance, allowing users to replace any worn-out parts and extend their lifespan.

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Product Information




Brass Nozzle Set

Item Dimensions LxWxH

10 x 3 x3 Cm

Inlet Connection Size

0.5 Inches

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