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Value Set & Superior Material: Our metal straw set includes 4 metal straws and 1 straw cleaning brush. Our juice straw are designed with super sturdy material for good functionality, sleek design, easy to clean and the cut edges are very smooth & seamless, both inside and out. Our long straw for kids are pretty great for sipping down delicious drinks, these sustainable drinking straw and the brush are made of food grade stainless steel to be part of daily utensils

Reusable & Eco-friendly: These sustainable reusable straw pipe are made of food grade stainless steel , BPA Free, Lead Free, no metal aftertaste, no oxidation, reusable and eco-friendly. They are extremely durable,dishwasher safe,hand washable,rust and scratch proof. One set of stainless steel straws can be used for years to come - replacing hundreds or thousands of plastic straws. Keep enjoy the drinks until the last drop

Smooth Tips & Dishwasher-safe: These silver straw are hand polished carefully to ensure smooth tips besides, these smooth angled tips will flow the liquid with ease. Stainless steel straws can keep the taste cool when you are drinking cold beverage. These steel straw for kids are dishwasher safe and also hand washing efficiently with 1 cleaning brush

Quench Your Thirst: You'll love the decorative classic look of our stainless steel drinking straws against any plastic, glass, or metal drinking cups. These reusable kids straw allows you to enjoy hot or cold drinks with ease. These long metal straws are perfect for drinking cold beverage, cocktail, coffee, iced tea, soda etc. These thick straw are versatile party straws, cocktail straws and the perfect drinking straws for kids cups

Easy to clean and carry: This koffie straw are super easy to clean, especially with the cleaning brush. Just clean the inside with the brush from both ends. The cleaning brush fits perfectly inside the straw for thorough cleaning after use. This steel straws for drinking could last for years and save your money in the long run. This juice pipe for drinking is easy to carry in set anywhere, they are not only portable durable but also light-weight

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Reusable Stainless Steel Straw with Cleaning Brush

Main Material

Stainless Steel

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